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Frog Leg Facts, lots of facts about frogs and frog legs.

Everything you wanted to know about the American Bullfrog and frog legs at a glance.
Below you will find a ton of information on Frogs, Frog Legs, American Bullfrog and everything around frog legs facts. If you have any new information to add about frogs and frog legs please use the Frog Legs CONTACT page and let us know and we will get it added into the TLC Frog Legs site for you.

Frog Legs Pot Pie Facts Photo

Frog leg Pot Pie, SOOOOOOO good!!!  Now thats a frog legs fact!!!

Read on below about a ton of facts that surround frog legs and bullfrogs.  We add more and more frog leg facts each day.

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Frog Legs Fact 1-- Bullfrogs and Frogs eat bugs, insects, other smaller frogs, their own species, salamanders, fish, slugs, mice, beetles, worms, snakes, basically anything that it can fit into it's mouth, it might try and eat.

Frog Legs Fact 2-- Bullfrogs and most other frogs will usually only eat active moving or alive or living food.  Feeding frogs non living food usually takes training from birth.

Frog Legs Fact 3-- Bullfrogs ears are on the side of their head and are round or circular.  It sits just under to the right of their eye, kind of a south, South East area.  If this ear is the same size as their eye or smaller it is a female bullfrog, if the ear circle is larger than its eye then chances are very good that it is a male Bullfrog.

Frog Legs Fact 4--Bullfrogs or frog legs farming has not been proven to be successful in the USA as far as a good profit maker.

Frog Legs Fact 5-- Bullfrog or frogs and amphibian populations are declining around the world for many reasons.

Frog Legs Fact 6-- Bullfrog frog legs are very high in protein and low in fat.

Frog Legs Fact 7--  Frog legs are VERY YUMMY!!!

Fried Frog Legs Facts Photo

Frog legs Facts, everything you ever wanted to know about frog legs and bullfrogs.  Looks like a frying session here.

Here is a frog leg fact for you,....looks like somebody is about to fry up some frog legs.  We see oil, fryer, propane, frog legs and batter........lets do it!!!

Frog Legs Fact 8-- The American Bullfrog is the largest frog in the USA making is a great choice for it's frog legs.

Frog Legs Fact 9-- The American Bullfrog scientific family name is Ranidae or TRUE FROG ( Rana catesbeiana ).

Frog Legs Fact 10-- The American Bullfrog can weigh in at 1.5 pounds and reach lenghts up to 8 inches or more.

Frog Legs Fact 11 -- The Bull frog layes up to 20,00 eggs at one time.

Frog legs facts 12 -- The American bullfrog can leap up to 6 feet in one jump.

Frog legs Facts 13 -- The bull frog is the largest frog in the North American.

Frog legs Facts 14 -- It can take up to 2 years for a bullfrog tadpoll to mature into an full grown bullfrog.

Frog legs facts 15 -- Bullfrogs are very solitary animals only getting with a mate during mating season to fertilize the femals eggs.

Frog Legs Facts 16 -- Frog legs are very high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids and super low in fat.

Frog Legs Facts 17 --  North American Bullfrogs can get as big as 1.5 pounds or 8 inches long from nose to vent (butt)

Frog Legs Facts 18 --Bullfrogs can live up to 16 years in captivity and about 7-9 years in the wild.

Frog Legs Facts 19 --  California has laws and regulations on using Bullfrogs for frog jumping contests.  Bullfrogs are normally used due to their large size and huge hind legs.

Frog Legs Facts 20 -- Tadpoles are the 1st stage of a frogs live.  A frogs life as a tadpole can range from 30 days for the whistling tree frog to the Bullfrog that can last up to 3 years.

Frog Legs Facts

Frog Legs Facts.

What are the 50 State list of frog hunting laws?
Below you can browse and look through all of the states and the laws that are associated with hunting, catching, fishing for frogs and frog legs.  Each state covers sizes, possession bag limits, weapons and seasons for frog hunting for bullfrog frog legs.

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Alabama Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Alaska Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Arizona Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Arkansas Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  California Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Colorado Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Connecticut Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Delaware Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Florida Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Georgia Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.
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Hawaii Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Idaho Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Illinois Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Indiana Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Iowa Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Kansas Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Kentucky Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Louisiana Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Maine Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Maryland Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  
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Massachusetts Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Michigan Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Minnesota Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Mississippi Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Missouri Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Montana Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Nebraska Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Nevada Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  New Hampshire Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  New Jersey Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws. 
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New Mexico Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  New York Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  North Carolina Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  North Dakota Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Ohio Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Oklahoma Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws. Oregon Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Pennsylvania Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Rhode Island Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  South Carolina Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  
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South Dakota Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Tennessee Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Texas Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Utah Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Vermont Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Virginia Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Washington State Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  West Virginia Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Wisconsin Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Wyoming Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  
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