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How are the frog legs shipped once I buy or purchase them?

Are Frog Legs shipped Frozen?  Are Frog Legs shipped thawed? Are Frog legs shipped Whole?
Are Frog Legs shipped skinned? Are Frog Legs shipped cleaned? Are Frog Legs shipped cooked?
Are Frog Legs shipped raw?

how are frog legs shipped photo image pic

Frog legs shipped in a box from a company to your home or business.

Part 1 of How Are Frog Legs Shipped:
So here is the deal on how frog legs are shipped to you through the mail.  Once you decide what company or selling platform you want to order your frog legs from, there will be the process of shipping the frog legs to you at your home, office or place of business or the like.  The Frog Legs are usually shipped FROZEN and so they are shipped 1 or 2 day air with UPS or FedEx.  Any longer than 2 days and you risk the chance of spoilage or thawing of the shipped frog legs.

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Seen above is basically what should arrive at your house, a box with some frog legs in it,  this is typically how frog legs are shipped.  But upon further inspection we will see how this shipping of frog legs happened.  MOST companies ship frozen frog legs retail.  If you want fresh thawed never frozen frog legs shipped to you, will have to specifically look for a company that does that or request it. If you REALLY want thawed frog legs shipped to you through the mail over a 24-48 hour time frame,........good luck.  NOT that it doesn't and won't happen,'s just we would rather receive them frozen fresh for reasons that start with SPOILED frog meat shipped thawed.

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How are frog ;legs shipped photo

Here we are showing you how frog legs are USUALLY shipped once ordered.

Part 2 of How Are Frog Legs Shipped:
Now that you have your box of frog legs and are beginning to understand how frog legs are shipped to you, go ahead and open it.  Inside you will see some styrofoam in the top of your package.  Nice packaging you tell yourself.  Well then now you reach down to take the styrofoam out but then you quickly discover that its just not a piece of styrofoam packaging, its actually a really nice thick lid to a styrofoam cooler that fits perfectly into the shipping box.  Very cool, I get my 4 pounds of frog legs delivered rock hard frozen and a FREE cooler to keep and use later!!!  Well when you get your frog legs shipped to you, the price of the cooler is included into the shipping or price of the frog legs some how or somewhere,......promise you.  But it is a nice perk to be able to keep the cooler that was shipped with the frog legs.

How are frog legs shipped, frozen?

Here is a typical frozen frog leg shipment with DryIce.  Thats how frog legs are usually shipped.

Part 3 of How Frog Legs are Shipped:
Frog legs shipped frozen and with DryIce is typically how frog legs are shipped.  The DryIce keeps the frog legs frozen during transit and that shipping time is usually 1 or 2 days depending on the company doing the shipping.  It is important that you know how many days before your delivery arrives so that you can unpack your BIG FAT frog legs and get them into the freezer for no chance of thawing,....especially if you live in a hot or warmer climate.  Ordering frog legs MANY times over the internet and the shipping time being 2 day air, our frog legs have ALWAYS arrived still frozen 100%.  There are some companies that have shipped us other frozen products that were not frog legs ( alligator ) and they were packed with frozen ice packs, this worked pretty good,.....but no where as good as DryIce.  The alligator was thawing but still super cold, just had to be used as long as it could be refrigerated for at that point.  Our suggestion is to order from a company that ships with DryIce only.

frozen frog legs thats how they are shipped

Finally, the magic treasure chest of meat,....FROG LEGS!!!!

Part 4 of How are Frog Legs Shipped:
So there you have it, Fresh frozen frog legs STILL frozen with a 2 day transit.  In this case, it was two 2 pound boxes of Sea Best Frog Legs ordered from Amazon and sold and shipped by Amazon.  Good job Amazon.  Now all there is to do is to unpack the frog legs and and put them in your freezer for later use or thaw them and get ready to cook up in the next few days if not that night.  We are not endorsing Sea Best Frog legs, but we where just testing the system on ordering 4 pounds of frog legs for the shipping experience.  Worked out very well, no complaints here.  Typically you will always get fresh quick frozen frog legs that are cleaned and skinned, the frog legs will be from the hip down to the ankle on a typical frog skeleton.  So you will get the thigh and calf portion of the frog for your frog legs.  This is where all of the really usable meat is at on a bullfrog used for eating frog legs.  That is the basic transit and logistics of how frog legs are shipped.

Step 5 of How are Frog Legs Shipped:
So there you have it, that is the process of how frog legs are shipped if you ordered them to be shipped to your home.  You will most likely order over the internet or get your ordering information over the internet and order by phone.  Regardless, here you see 2 of the 4 pounds of frozen frog legs safe in the freezer waiting for that day that they are taken out and thawed for yummy eating.  Where are the other 2 pounds of frog legs that got shipped to us, our bellies already we are proud to say.


frog legs frozen box photo

So there you have it, a nice box of 2 pounds of frog legs.

Step 6 of How Are Frog Legs Shipped:
On this 2 pound box of frog legs from your internet buy or purchase, there were 13 sets of frog legs, so that would make each set of frog legs about  2.4 oz uncooked that was shipped to you.  These are very meaty frog legs with no freezer burn at all.  They look very fresh in our opinion.  Each set of frog legs is individually packaged, but each set of these frog legs are not air tight sealed or sealed for that matter. So with that said, you can't leave these frog legs in the freezer until next year, they would need to be repackaged or eaten at some point sooner rather than later,....meaning a few months in our opinion.

What are the 50 State list of frog hunting laws?
Below you can browse and look through all of the states and the laws that are associated with hunting, catching, fishing for frogs and frog legs.  Each state covers sizes, possession bag limits, weapons and seasons for frog hunting for bullfrog frog legs.

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Hawaii Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Idaho Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Illinois Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Indiana Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Iowa Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Kansas Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Kentucky Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Louisiana Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Maine Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Maryland Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  
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Massachusetts Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Michigan Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Minnesota Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Mississippi Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Missouri Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Montana Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Nebraska Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Nevada Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  New Hampshire Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  New Jersey Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws. 
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New Mexico Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  New York Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  North Carolina Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  North Dakota Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Ohio Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Oklahoma Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws. Oregon Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Pennsylvania Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Rhode Island Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  South Carolina Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  
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South Dakota Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Tennessee Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Texas Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Utah Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Vermont Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Virginia Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Washington State Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  West Virginia Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Wisconsin Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Wyoming Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  
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