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How To Make Frog Leg Jerky.

How to Make frog leg jerky photo

How to make frog leg jerky.

Frog Leg Jerky, how about we take just a few minutes and lets learn how to make some frog leg jerky.  Why you ask, because its so so so so good and super fast and super easy.  If you are a jerky lover and you like frog legs,.....just think about that, super yummy frog legs jerky.  Bet you have not really ever given a whole lot of thought about frog leg jerky much less trying to make it. Well it's just the same process as beef jerky or chicken jerky or turkey jerky etc etc except you are making it with frog leg meat.  If you make or are going try and make your own frog leg jerky send us some photos and or video, we would love to see, you can use the contact form.  If you are in the need to order some great low cost frog leg meat shipped to your door still frozen, click here.

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Learn how to make your very own frog leg jerky, so easy and so yummy.

The new twist to it is that the Frog legs jerky is made on the bone........ yes you heard that right.  This allows all of the meat to get used and help to dry it better and easier as the meat is still attached to the bone so that you don't have a bunch of small tiny pieces of frog leg jerky.  Before you season the frog legs, you need to cut slices into the meat of the frog leg meat and this will help the frog leg meat dry out much faster and more consistent especially on the upper thicker parts.  We make 1 cut on the calf and 3 cuts on the upper thicker parts.  This will also help with the seasonings and sauces get absorbed into the frog leg meat.  You literally eat it like a chicken wing but it is actually super yummy frog leg jerky and 10 times better than chicken jerky or beef jerky because it is made out of frog leg meat.  Because frog leg meat is not as easy to come by as beef or chicken, the price would go up if you were to buy it.  Also you are not able to head to your local Waymart and or corner gas station get yourself some fresh frog leg jerky nor are you really able to get it anywhere unless you make it on your own. 

How To Make Frog Leg Jerky.

How To Make Frog Leg Jerky.

Learning how to make Frog Leg Jerky is super simple and very easy to make.  You literally need some frog leg meat to start, some herbs and spices and or some liquid sauces and a means to dry it.  You can hunt for your own frog leg meat or you can buy or purchase some frog legs that will be shipped to your door ready to thaw and turn into frog leg jerky.  Below we will go over some ways that you can make make frog leg jerky.  If you like frog legs and you like jerky, you will like frog leg jerky.  Lets admit it, ANY kind of jerky is usually expensive and some jerky is WAY more expensive than other jerky.  Well the good thing is that you can head out on a nice hot humid night and hunt your own bullfrogs and make your very own frog leg jerky SUPER CHEAP as your meat would basically be FREE other than your labor hunting them.

How to make Frog Leg Jerky

How to make Frog Leg Jerky

With Frog Leg Jerky you have to realize that frog leg meat is a white meat, basically just like chicken.  But technically kind of like chicken and fish and crab and lobster all in one.....but that is another subject and article on what frog legs taste like.  You won't have huge pieces like you would if you were to slice up a big chicken breast or turkey brest or beef roast or london broil.  So your frog leg jerky will be more like smaller frog leg jerky chunks or bites. Slicing up frog legs for jerky would simply make the frog leg jerky pieces to small.  There will be some cutting up of the frog leg meat, but not much.  As you can see here we seasoned up a nice batch of frog leg meat that was still on the bone and we did add some light soy sauce.  We basically sliced up the frog leg meat on the bone so that it would help to dry the ticker pieces but keep everything on the bone and especially the smaller pieces on the bone to nibble and chew off.  Kind of like chicken on the stick at your local Chinese take out joint.

  • Is Frog Leg Jerky good for you?
    Yes in deed frog leg jerky is good for you. It is super lean and super high in protein and if you know how to hunt for your own bullfrogs, your frog leg jerky is basically free to you.  back to top

  • How long does it take to make frog leg jerky?
    Because the meat is smaller it takes less time than other thicker fattier meats. Also the size and heat out put of your dehydrator to include how big your batch of frog leg jerky is on your racks. More frog leg meat takes longer to dry especially is your racks don't have good air flow.  back to top

  • How to you season frog legs for making frog leg jerky?
    ANY WAY THAT YOU WANT TO. it can be as simple as being plain and nothing on them. But we recommended at least sale and pepper and then some kind of flavoring sauce like soy sauce or worstershire sauce or teriyaki sauce etc and then anything else that you want to add like garlic powder or onion powder, hot pepper etc can change each batch of frog legs jerky so that you always have a new flavor.  back to top

How to make frog leg jerky.

How To Make Frog Leg Jerky.

First you have to get yourself some frog legs if you want to learn how to make your frog leg jerky.  This is as simple as heading down to your local grocery store or meat market and buying some frozen or fresh never frozen.  If for some reason you don't have any places to buy frog leg meat locally then you need to order some from from this page here on our site.  Now if you know how to hunt for your own frogs and can clean them,...then you are good to go and te hunting your own frog legs is way cheaper, just takes some time and labor.  You can also hire your local kid neighbor too and pay him or her per frog to pluck some big fat bullfrogs out of the local pond and clean them up for you so that you can be on your way to making some frog leg jerky.

Ok, now before you dig into this frog leg jerky making journey, lets talk about how you are going to dry out your frog leg meat to make your frog leg jerky.  You don't need a $10,000 commercial dehydrater nor do you even need a dehydrater at all.  If you want to get technical, you don't even need a heat source at all to make your frog leg jerky.  But how you do it will all depend on you.  We use several 10 rack dehydrator in a line that cost about $150 each and it does very good and we like the ones that have a glass door on the front that actually closes and latches holding in more heat for faster dehydrating.  Here are a few ways that you can dehydrate your frog legs into frog leg jerky.

** Oven
** Out Door Fire
** Gas Grill
** Charcoal Grill
** Pellet Grill
** Electric Grill
** Smoker
** Dehydrater
** Regular normal fan
** The Sun

All of the above are real ways that you can dry out your meat as that is what you are actually doing and that is taking the moisture out of your frog leg meat to turn them into frog leg jerky.  We won't get it each method of drying out your frog leg meat as you can look that up for all of the different techniques to make jerky.  That way you can pick your way, how you dry the meat is all about the same way and that is to basically dry the meat until it is done to your liking and dry enough so that it is safe to eat.  There are lots of suggestions to cook your meat 1st and then dry it so that it won't carry any "yuckies",....but I personally don't know many folks that do that and I don't and I have never been sick and I have made LOTS of jerky out of MANY different meats out there.

Now that you have your Frog Leg meat, you will want to cut it up into small bite size pieces and or chunks.  Take all of that frog leg meat and put it into a bowl and now you season it with all of your favorite sauces and seasonings and spices that you would like to taste when you are chewing on your frog leg jerky.  There are not TOO many things that you CAN put into your additives for your frog leg meat.  You can put any one or more of a million additives in with your meat but here is what we do as a basic.

Black Pepper
Hot Sauce or red pepper
Onion powder
Garlic powder
Worcestershire sauce or Soy sauce
Liquid smoke
Sometimes a splash of vinegar
And sometimes we add sugar or fake sugar or honey for a sweet effect.

Once you get your seasonings and sauces added to your frog leg meat and all mixed up, let it sit for several hours or over night so that it marinates the frog leg meat and soaks in. Cover it and put in the fridge to keep fresh until you are ready to make your frog leg jerky.
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South Dakota Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Tennessee Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Texas Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Utah Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Vermont Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Virginia Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Washington State Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  West Virginia Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Wisconsin Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  Wyoming Bull Frog Legs Hunting Laws.  
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